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The right hashtags can get your content in front of your target audience, and Flick’s Hashtag Search makes it easier than ever.
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How Flick's Hashtag Search works

Get help with hashtag research and selecting the right hashtags.

Find relevant hashtags

Search for hashtags related to your content, account or target audience. Flick will help you discover the most relevant hashtags to your search query.

Use filters to uncover high performing hashtags.

To rank on a hashtag, your content must receive similar engagement to the content already ranking on a specific hashtag.

Suggested Filters

Link your Instagram account and let Flick set filters based on your account size and engagement rate.

Advanced Search Filters

Create custom filters based on your hashtag strategy.

*Only available on growth & professional plans

Explore your niche and discover new hashtags.

Quickly expand hashtags and dive further into sub-niches relevant to your initial search.

Select & export.

Easily copy hashtags to a post or, save them to a collection for later use.